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We are witnessing the end of the cluster. Every two thousand years or so there is a cluster of events which when taken together remakes the world and changes the course of humanity until the next such cluster forms itself, two thousand years hence. We are now at the close of one such cluster. We will see the remaining events within that cluster, but having seen them, we will not survive them.

This book is a book of fiction. The people described herein do not exist but what they can do exists and what is described as having been done technologically, has been done. Some technology is presented as if in the future, but it is technology which exists today. Some technologies are described as having originated some years back and that is so, despite their fantastical capabilities. Some actions which are described as having been taken, have been taken, despite their insanity.


‘The Perfect Monster’ by W. Lawrence Nash is gripping and suspenseful fiction which explores the dark side of human nature. Contagion grips the world and millions perish, but that is just the beginning of the horror. This fast-paced thriller follows the quest of Jack Trenchart and Claire Watchorn to foil the madness and prevent the total devastation of mankind. Society has broken down. Six great nations, China, the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, and Canada posture as enemies while they collaborate and implement their collective solution. Get ready to delve into a world of psychological manipulation and monstrous deeds, where nothing is quite as it seems. If you're a fan of science- based fiction, this is a must-read for you!

The Perfect Monster - W. Lawrence Nash

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